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After 22 years of providing quality survey results to thousands of organizations, we have decided to retire and close our business on December 31, 2023.

We have updated the results, as scheduled, in October and we are committed to maintaining the same level of service throughout the remainder of the year. We have suspended the ability to sign-up for new subscriptions and renewals. Current active customers will not be able to log in to view survey results after their subscriptions expire or after December 31, 2023.

It has been our absolute pleasure to provide this service to our customers over the past 22 years. We will surely miss you all!

Read what our customers are saying...

"For several years Hastings Mutual Insurance Company has participated in the WageAccess Salary Survey. We have been very satisfied with how easy it is to complete the survey, and ultimately, the benefits of using local results. Companies large or small will appreciate the competitive pricing for this service and its helpful wage analysis."

Amber Overla

Hastings Mutual Insurance Company

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WageAccess® is a genuine salary and benefits survey that provides real survey results using real data collected from real companies.

Finally, there's a survey that delivers the results you've been looking for...

...the way surveys should be done!

About the Survey...

Current and accurate compensation information allows employers to maintain their competitive edge when attracting and retaining quality employees. It also provides companies with a solid foundation for the development of sound corporate wage structures.

WageAccess® is an online salary survey that is designed to provide employers with the current and accurate compensation information needed to make critical wage-related decisions.

Finally, there's a wage survey that delivers the results you've been looking for...

WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is Comprehensive

The WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey contains over 900 benchmark positions. Each position includes a detailed job description to ensure a comparable match is made during the survey completion process.

The results include an extensive variety of descriptive statistics, compensation analysis tools and trends.

The WageAccess® Internet-based reporting feature allows for the creation of custom results from current or historical survey entries. Users may select and filter results by using any of the following criteria:

WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is Current

WageAccess® participants can contribute to the compensation survey any time during the year. All survey entries are collected confidentially through the WageAccess® website. Upon completion of the entry process, participants may access results from wage information collected in previous quarters.

Participant wage information is compiled each quarter of the year and combined with that collected in previous quarters for calculation of the results. An aging factor is applied to all previously collected wage information to adjust with the movement of salaries through the year. This aging process provides users with a much more accurate representation of current wage levels than conventional paper reports.

WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is Accurate

All WageAccess® participants are required to provide actual rates of pay in addition to salary grade ranges. This provides an accurate and detailed picture of current wage levels in today's job market.

To assure the validity of the results, participants are encouraged to provide wage information for only those positions that match their own with at least 75% accuracy.

At the close of each quarterly collection period, an extensive review and audit is conducted by the WageAccess® staff to ensure accuracy and consistency of the raw wage information.

WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is Convenient

WageAccess® companies can participate in the compensation survey by clicking on the "Sign-Up now" button above and providing some basic details. Participants will then receive an email containing a login ID and password to get started with the wage survey.

All survey entry can be completed using any computer with access to the Internet. The compensation survey does not need to be completed in one session; WageAccess® is designed to allow users to start, stop, and restart the completion process without losing anything previously entered.

WageAccess® Compensation and Benefits Survey is Confidential

Participants can be assured that the WageAccess® survey entry is gathered and the results are reported with complete confidentiality. Individual participant pay is never displayed as part of the results nor is raw wage information transmitted over the Internet during the reporting process.

The WageAccess® Internet web servers, databases and networks are designed to ensure the reliability, performance and security necessary to provide wage information when and how you want it, and to ensure that the transmission of your sensitive and confidential wage information is protected.

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