How to Participate

Companies can participate in the survey by clicking on the Sign-Up Now link at the top of the page and providing some basic information. Participants will then receive an email containing a login ID and password to get started with the survey.

Survey data are collected from each participant once annually; participants may submit their survey data to the website at any time during the year. Once a participant has signed up, submitted data to the survey and paid their subscription fee, they will have immediate access to the survey results for 3 months.

The following instructions are for completing the survey online. If your company is very large or has multiple locations, please contact our Customer Service Department at or call (866) 926-9400 to request information on importing your survey data via Microsoft Excel1 spreadsheets.

Step 1: Begin New Survey

Before you can begin a new survey, you must click on this link to initialize the survey and clear any prior survey data you may have entered. After you have entered and completed your survey data submission, that data remains visible until you begin a new survey. You may only submit one survey for each annual survey period.

Step 2: Enter Pay Practices

The pay practices section consists of company demographic, turnover, pay practices, and company salary metrics information. You will need to complete all areas in order to submit the completed survey.

Step 3: Enter Incentive Pay Data

The Incentive Pay survey includes details of your incentive pay plans and long-term incentive programs for non-sales employee and sales employee groups.

Step 4: Enter Benefits Data

The benefits survey covers a variety of health and welfare, retirement, and fringe benefits. You will be asked to provide premium, deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance information for health, dental, vision, life and disability plans, and the details of your retirement, paid leave, and fringe benefit plans. Submission of your company's benefits data is not required; however, only companies who participate in the benefits survey will have access to benefits results.

Step 5: Enter Survey Data

Before you enter data for each job, you will need to review the job descriptions and select positions that you feel match positions at your company by at least 75% accuracy. The best way to review and compare job descriptions is by selecting the Job Family page.

A job family is a group of jobs that have similar tasks or functions but varies in level of responsibility, autonomy, and knowledge (education and experience). The job family page will assist you in selecting the appropriate job level for matching to positions at your company.

To accurately complete the survey data entry page, you will need to count the current number of employees in each position, calculate the average (mean) rate of pay and find the highest and lowest rate of pay for all employees in each position. You will also be asked to provide information concerning rate ranges, bonus compensation, FLSA status, and pay type for each position.

As a participant in the survey, it is your responsibility to ensure that the data you provide is accurate. Other participating companies have put a lot of time and effort in contributing to this survey and expect that the information they receive will be accurate and based on quality data.

Step 6: View Survey Status Report

A Survey Data Entry Status Report, detailing the status of all completed and outstanding positions, is available to assist with the data entry process. The status report can be sorted by functional area and position title, data entry status, or alphabetical by position title.

Step 7: Submit the Completed Survey

When you have entered all the survey data for your company, you will need to submit the completed survey to the survey database. By completing this simple one-click process, you will indicate that you have completed the survey entry process. Your data will be reviewed to ensure that all fields have been entered correctly.


Survey Results

Survey results are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week upon completion and submittal of your survey data and payment of your subscription fee, during the term of your active subscription. Simply click on the links to view the Survey Results Summary and the Survey Results.

Custom SnapShot Report

Looking to export the survey results to Microsoft Excel1? A custom SnapShot Report can be created for you for an additional fee. The report includes all of the Compensation Survey Results available as of the most recent calendar quarter, and results can be selected based on a custom set of selection criteria. If you would like to order a custom SnapShot Report, please contact our Customer Service Department at or call (866) 926-9400.

Need Help?

If you need assistance with survey data entry or the survey results, you can click on any of the field labels on the survey pages or the results pages to view a pop-up help page and get a better understanding of the field you are viewing. Otherwise, you may contact the WageAccess® Customer Service Department via email at


1 The terms "Microsoft" and "Excel" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.